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mooseofthelaw sent: Huh? Your putting this account on freeze? Why? Did something come up? Everything alright?

Yeah I’m just having some personal stresses and depressions aaand also I think I’m having some slumps???;___; so I think I need some times to come back as myself T-T

This account is gonna be freeze for a while! :D Good bye.

AAAnd I’m not gonna be coming to tumblr & Twitter for this week or more 

so this account is frozen. If you want to contract me, send me asks and I’ll respond it. thank you U3U

I woke up from my nap right now and I feel much better ‘w’///

Thank you for sending me nice messages! It’s really helping me to get through my depression a lot ;3; <33

Wow I had a very depressing day and I got all these nice messages im so happy right now it heals me and im about to cry ;/////;

kagehikage sent: Hi there! I know you probably get this ask all the time but I just wanted to say that I really love your art! Its just that your style is so unique and special I love it UGH!! But seriously its super awesomeness! Your super cool btw, well cya^-^


I’m super happy when I get this messages and I individually aprecciate it so much T////T Thank you for liking my arts!! (//´/◒/`//)/ ♡

officialgodot sent: um hi... i have been a big fan of your art and i realised that i should actually TELL YOU how much i love your art style and colors and just ??? i really like your art!! it makes me happy and you always draw such cool concepts (or it makes me sad when you draw sad godot :((((( but your art is v cool still!!) so um yes!! i just wanted to let you know i really like your work, and i hope you'll continue to draw and have fun doing so for a long time!!

Oh mY GOSH THANK YOUOUOOUU (*´艸`* )!!!!! 

I’m so happy when I get this ask I jsut t feel so happy that I smiled weirdly in my class omGG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTS SD D FSD 。゚゚(*´□`*。)°゚。

Doodling trucy

Doodling trucy


yo papa so dumb he lost to a rookie


yo papa so dumb he lost to a rookie

cetaa님이 포스트에 댓글을 남겼습니다.UGhh this is so depressing I want to see other…

I’ll try to draw some later this week, im busy with university at the moment, but i love your work n your blog!! so eventually I will draw some for u…

gAsP ;o;!!!!!! I’m so happy right now Thank uuuu T/////T I hope I’m in university too I don’t like being freshman T-Tㅇ