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dark-porygon sent: uhm hi c: I'm really shy and awkward so I apologise if I make errors and type weird stuff but I just want to say that your art is amazing and you're really talented! I love your art and everytime I see your art on my dashboard it makes me smile a little. Keep up the good work and good luck in all that you do c:

EEE that’s so nice thing to hear! (*´艸`* ) Thank you so much for your kind words //w// it makes me so happy! (//´/◒/`//)/ ♡

저 사람들이 나쁜 길로 걸어 갔다면 분명 살인 청부업자나 마피아같은 사람이 될 것 같아… (・ω・`)

Anonymous sent: yolo


yolo for you


치나미 x 나루호도


치나미 x 나루호도

emily-the-overlord sent: YOUR ART IS SO CUTE ;v;

⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄o⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄  Thank you so much!!!! 8w8////

Phoenix come on don’t say that you’ll gonna get killed by him. :3c



'waiting for godot' is about two guys waiting for the person that they don't even know if he ever exists or when he will come

so I think the reason that diego named himself as godot is because he knows that he can’t stop remembering/and waiting for MIA WHO CAN’T COME BACK FOR HIM GOD FREAKIN DAMMIT

Or maybe he took the alias Godot because Mia was waiting on him to return, and he never did.

ooooOOH that makes sense too! 


Rin: imconfused, whats he doing? is he flying is he sliding?
Rin: taking baby tap dance steps

so i made this and its all rin’s fault

watCHA! CHA! HA! *tappa tappa*

ok i’m almost sorry about making this but also not

all these goddamn godot quotes:

1. ”Hot nights and even hotter coffee… That’s what I always say.”

2.  Godot: “As they say, a cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal.”

Phoenix: “I believe the correct definition for a cornered fox is, “scared and petrified”.

Godot: ” …”

Godot: “Your animal analogies have grown tiresome!”

3. (spurts coffee) Pweepostrous!!

4. … Upon meeting a beautiful lady, always ask for her name and profession.
That’s one of my rules.

5. “Hey, Filly. Know your role, and shut your mouth. I can’t stand women like you.”

6. (throws coffee) I thought this cold coffee might help cool you down.

you can see some reasons about why this sassy guy is my fav…

….the thingy that I uploaded in twitter… (regreting myself that I drew romance stuffs and drawing godot with emotional face wow what have I done)